Introducing the Mini-Course on Healing the Mother Wound

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Beloved Readers,

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a new 4-week, self-led Mini-Course on Healing the Mother Wound!

This mini-course was created in collaboration with The Woman’s Network, a forum for women’s wisdom that is currently featuring my work on healing the mother wound.

This 4-week self-led mini-course gives you a taste of my full 7-step process of Healing the Mother Wound, helping you to transform it from a source of pain into a source of wisdom.

You are guided through this process by receiving content every week in the form of videos, ebooks and audio recordings. The course is self-led, giving you the freedom to engage with the content as fast or as slow as you like.

This mini-course is a powerful way to start the journey of healing the mother wound, at a very low affordable price of $39.99

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Many of us have experienced difficult and complex relationships with our mothers.

What most of us don’t realize is how strongly our relationships with our mothers impact our ability to thrive, be happy and actualize our full potential. The way our mothers treated us becomes the way we treat ourselves, which has a ripple effect into every area and every relationship in our life. Unless we heal it, the wound continues to be passed down through the generations.

The mother wound is not something we need to feel shame about; it’s a doorway to re-claiming your divine feminine power and full potential.

Ways the Mother Wound can show up in your life:

  • The relationship with your mother has been a source of pain and frustration in your life
  • You feel that you are being held back by beliefs you’ve inherited from your mother
  • You long for approval from your mother but never seem to get it
  • You find yourself arguing with your children and partner on a regular basis, with no clear sense of what is wrong
  • You feel a persistent sense that ‘there is something wrong with me’
  • You get stuck when you’re on the brink of a major breakthrough in your life
  • You find yourself feeling depleted from giving so much of yourself to please others
  • You feel weighed down by feelings of guilt, fear or shame
  • You already been working on yourself and the relationship with your mother for years, but the same issues keep coming up

Benefits of Healing the Mother Wound

  • Greater understanding of yourself and how to meet your own needs
  • Ability to transform blame into compassion
  • Greater awareness of the mother/daughter relationship
  • Mindful communication with others, increasing love and intimacy
  • Fewer negative thought patterns & limiting beliefs
  • Healing of generational wounds for the benefit of future generations
  • Understanding that there is nothing wrong with you
  • Ability to make empowered choices about your life
  • Self-permission to step into your full potential
  • Ability to set boundaries and say No to things that don’t serve you
  • More confidence and less attachment to external approval
  • Spaciousness and self love, with less pressure to be perfect


What you get in the mini-course….

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Learn how to pause and connect with your divine self. This is a valuable tool that you will use throughout the mini-course.


What are my beliefs? Understand how your mother has served as your foundation, examining our mother’s beliefs, examining our own beliefs, childhood defenses, unconscious behaviors, taboos & stereotypes.



Meet your inner child and your inner mother! Learn how to embody these different parts of yourself so you can begin to meet your own needs and give yourself what your mother never gave you.


Connect and feel the blessings of your lineage so you can step into your full power and potential!

This mini-course includes over 50 pages of beautiful ebook content with self reflective journaling exercises, a 50 minute selection of guided meditations with 3 accompanying handouts, and 2 videos. (If you complete the mini-course and feel you’d like to take it further and enroll in my comprehensive 7-step course, you’ll be offered a special savings of $100 off the full course. An amazing value!)

Start your Healing Journey today for just $39.99


A Special Bonus until April 30th …

If you purchase the mini-course by April 30th, you receive a special Bonus module called “A New Way of Being.”

Sign up today and receive this special bonus! All for only $39.99

For those of you who missed it, here’s the link to my 60-minute webinar hosted by The Woman’s Network, “Feel Worth of Life and Love: Healing the Mother Wound.” In this webinar I talk with Lois Shannon, the founder of the Woman’s Network about the mini-course and the powerful value it offers.


Do you know of a woman who may benefit from this mini-course on Healing the Mother Wound? If so, please consider passing this info along!

The more women heal the mother wound, the more we can step into our full power and potential, transforming our lives, our cultures, and our world.

Thank you for being part of the Womb of Light community!  I’m so happy to offer you this new mini-course to assist you on your healing journey.

With love and gratitude,



Bethany Webster © 2016