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Bethany Webster is a writer, transformational coach, international speaker and what you could call a midwife of the heart. Her work is focused on helping women heal the mother wound so that they can fully claim their brilliance, own their power and live as their authentic selves. Her work has appeared in Elephant Journal and the California Journal of Women Writers. She is the author of the forthcoming book “Healing the Mother Wound: Move Beyond What Your Mother Never Gave You and Become the Woman You’re Meant to Be.”

Contact: support@womboflight.com

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More About Bethany:

My primary focus is on educating women on the importance of healing the mother wound and providing the information and mentoring necessary to navigate the healing process. This work is the result of my own healing journey which has spanned over a decade.

It all began at the age of 19 after finding myself unexpectedly pregnant and making the decision: “I cannot give birth to someone else until I have first given birth to myself.” Having the abortion started me on an intense path of personal growth that including long-term depth therapy, self-help techniques, the study of meditation and the spirituality of the divine feminine. However, during the early years I avoided the mother wound because it felt just too painful to face. I continued only addressing the symptoms and surface problems that resulted from it.

However, when I finally felt strong enough to focus directly on healing the mother wound and all the pain surrounding it, I began to experience the most profound, life-changing shifts in myself, in my relationships and it also resulted in many spiritual realizations as well.

Through going through this healing process myself, I realized that for every human being, the very first wound of the heart happens at the site of the mother, the feminine. And through the process of healing that original wound, our hearts evolve from a compromised state of defensiveness and fear to a whole new level of love and power. In this way, the mother wound is an opportunity and an initiation into the felt experience of oneness and unity with all life.

My goal is to share with others that our wounds are not something to avoid or be ashamed of but powerful opportunities to step into our authentic truth and power.

About the workshop: “Healing the mother wound: Moving Beyond What Your Mother Never Gave You”

In this workshop I share a 7-part “roadmap” for how to navigate the process of healing the mother wound. During the event, which usually about spans about 6 hours, I teach content, lead group exercises and provide opportunities for women to share with each other and receive support. Attendees leave the workshop with an abundance of knowledge, tools and resources to support them in their healing journey.

The online course is now available! 

Training and Background:

I have bachelors and masters degrees in psychology. I received training in facilitation and divine feminine leadership In the Priestess Path Apprenticeship. I’ve completed training in Life Coaching by Joanna Lindenbaum. My writing has appeared in Elephant Journal and The California Journal of Women Writers. I’ve worked in academia in the area of research ethics and also as a writer/editor in an academic medical center in New York City.


Marion Woodman, James Hollis, Joseph Campbell, Kim Chernin, Adrienne Rich, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Rumi, Eve Ensler, Cynthia Bourgeault, Ramana Maharshi, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Jeannie Zandi, John Bradshaw, Adyashanti and Gangaji


If you’d like to bring the workshop to your area, please contact me at bethany@womboflight.com. Thank you for your interest and support!


The content of this blog is informational in nature and intended to inspire women to fulfill their potential. The information is based on my own education, life experiences, memories, perspectives and opinions. Any information about events or people is based on my own recollection to the best of my knowledge and is done so with discretion, when it is essential to writing on a given topic. While I do have degrees in psychology, I am not a licensed psychotherapist. If you are seeking medical, professional or legal advice, please contact those professionals who are licensed to provide that information.Thank you.


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      • Hola,Estibaliz Romero Garcia! Gracias por tu pregunta! De hecho, me acabo de instalar un botón Traductor hoy! Al hacer clic en el botón, sólo tiene que escribir la dirección web, ya que le indica que debe. (www.womboflight.com) y se abrirá una página con todo el blog traducido al catalán. Si esto no funciona, por favor hágamelo saber! ¡Gracias! Espero que esto funcione!


  1. Bethany, thank you for creating this space and expressing these depths of being. I feel grateful for the light that shines as we women find one another – “electric” connections that nourish my soul.

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  2. Hi Bethany, a friend recently shared a post of yours about setting boundaries and empowerment. It really resonated with me, it was so powerful. I enjoyed reading it, and it came along at just the right time for me. It was just what I needed!
    It inspired me to find your blog and Facebook page, so I’m looking forward to keeping in touch and appreciate the wisdom that you’re sharing.
    I’m particularly interested in your workshop about the relationship we have with our mothers. Is there any plans to visit the UK and deliver?
    Mel X


  3. Bethany, your writing is blowing me away! I am speechless with wonder at your insight and clarity. I had a very painful relationship with my mom who just died three months ago after a long, horrible, slow and painful death. There was always an undercurrent of hostility, resentment and judgment between us when she was alive and now I understand it was stemming from the mother wound. I live in San Francisco – any chance you will do a workshop out here? Much love to you!! ~ Catherine


    • Hi Catherine! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! So sorry to hear of your recent loss of your mother. Glad to hear you are gaining new clarity and insight into your relationship with your Mother at this time. I would love to come to SF and do a workshop. If you or anyone you know would be interested in assisting with local arrangements, please email me. Sending love and blessings your way! Thanks for reading! Love, Bethany


  4. Hi Bethany, I find your writings on Mother-Daughter relationships so poignant. I am a daughter and a mother to 3 children. I have been doing my own healing for 20 years. It is extremely painful to learn of our projections onto our own children, both sons and daughters. I tend to get caught in a cycle of shame and guilt when I learn of my own unconscious projections. Any words of wisdom regarding this cycle?
    How do we help to free our children from the bonds of abuse we have created? I feel like I take responsibility for myself, but that is not the experience of my oldest daughter whom I have hurt deeply by my actions. It is some tough territory to navigate. I hope I can come to your workshop in April. I feel healing our Mother Wound is the doorway to dismantling the highly patriarchal culture. Here’s to the reclaiming of the Sacred Feminine and all women healing themselves; mothers and daughters alike….sons too. Have you ever had Mothers and Daughters come together to your workshop? Thanking you for your service.


    • Hi Christina. Thank you for your comment. Tough territory indeed. I think it’s about finding a balance of self-care and validating your daughter’s feelings. The point is not for mothers to be perfect, but to be willing to take responsibility for their actions, even if unintentional harm occurred. It’s about being willing to keep going on that conscious path of learning, growing and understanding, even when it gets tough. That is all you can do. Be available to her, listen to her, accept her feelings as valid, explain your genuine feelings and make efforts to be best mom you can be. Part of that is taking good care of yourself and getting support from other adults in your life. All mothers are also daughters, and so healing your own mother wound is really the most profound thing you can do for your daughter. Would love to meet you in April! Much love and blessings to you! ~Bethany


  5. Bethany, I just learned of the mother wound yesterday from my niece and I am 59 years old. I was advised to go online and find something on the mother wound and I found you. This information is life changing. My heart is being touched deeply and that is saying a lot for me. In order for me to live my true destiny, I need to know who I am through acknowledging the mother wound. Would you be interested in visiting Vermont?


    • Dear Victoria, So happy to hear that this information has reached you and inspired you! I would love to visit VT, in fact, I’m only about 45 minutes away from VT! Such a beautiful place! Thanks so much for your comment!


  6. Oh dear, I’m just about to begin reading everything here. I saw your work posted on Robert Ohotto’s site and read one article, but had to get to my homework. It is 3:00am in Australia and I just woke up from dreams of my mother which I have not had in a while (my experience of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius which began yesterday). Something inside kept screaming for me to get up and get to your site. After years of work about the damage from being raised by a shadow queen narcissist text book personality wounded woman, your writing has arrived to heal more deeply. I am moved by each and every painting you have here as well. I am 61 and sick of working in the corporate world so am back at school for a certificate in youth work. Everything I learn from you will be transferred to young women’s wounds later. Thank you. Marsha


    • Hi Marsha, Thanks for your comment and for sharing a bit of your story. Glad to hear you’ve been on the path of healing for some time–that is great. I commend your courage to leave the corporate work and do work that feeds your soul! That is so great that you will be working with young women–so inspiring! Lots of love to you! ~Bethany


  7. Hi,
    I just found this page, and haven’t read your book jet,
    But Im wondering if have plans teaching your course on healing the mother wound, in Atlanta GA, this year?
    And if you are not, but are available, what would you need for this to happen?
    All the best


  8. This is amazing stuff! I have just finished reading every article!!
    Will you be writing an article from the other perspective, on discovering the ways we may be unknowingly passing this pattern down to our own daughters and how to make sure we don’t, watching for signs that we aren’t noticing about our own behaviours? I would love to learn about what I may be doing right now that needs correcting to help my daughter as much as possible to have a healthy, strong life.
    It might be more difficult to see it when you are the one doing it. It is already hard to see it when it is happening to you. But these articles have really awakened me.
    Thank you!


  9. Hi bethany, i’m delighted to hear that you are coming to the uk, i’m planning to go to the session in october however, where in Nottingham are you holding it? I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Susana


  10. Dear Bethany,

    Thanks for sharing your learning and love with the world. What you shared here and also in your article on black hole (http://embraceofbeing.com/) speak so deeply in me yet they also brought up a lot of questions and confusions. I know for sure there are issues in my family that are affecting me and my brother in very dysfunctional ways, my brother is now in deep depression with suicidal thoughts, I have spent more then 10 years in helping myself, books, counselling, yoga, meditations, affirmations, its tiring, now things are clearing up as I slowly came to learn how our identification to our conditioned my is unhelpful. As understanding deepen, latent issues also start to come up, and I would often time blaming myself for why not letting go of old patterns since I already know they are all conditionings deserving our understanding and love, particularly with the anger I am feeling towards my mother, one part of my being knows that she has suffered so much in her childhood and marriage to my father, yet has done so much for me, I should have all the love in the world for her, but one part of me cannot help but feeling angry for all the pain and self loathing I have to handle because of her. My mum is living with me now, and I am finding it difficult to be happy

    I just realised your online course is already available, contemplating in going for it, its always the familiar uncertainty that is stopping me from going for something I need.

    Would like to ask, will we be accessing our own black hole too in this course? How about wounding left by our father, will we be able to resolve that too? Because this is also a big issue for me. And, through healing ourselves in this work, how does it help our mother in her part of healing?



    • Hi Joan! Thank you for your comment and for sharing a bit of your journey. You mentioned that you’ve done a lot of work already and still some issues are coming up. Sometimes this can be due to the fact that all the intellectual and conceptual understanding we may have is not enough to truly resolve or heal the wound. What may be missing is the emotional processing–which is contacting the original pain that we were not allowed to feel as children. Contacting and embracing those painful feelings is what brings about the profound shifts that creates meaningful change in one’s life. I wonder if that may be the next step for you? In my online course and private coaching, I recommend three pillars of support: individual psychotherapy (to work with the black hole), private coaching (my role) and some community support. I find those three elements best position women to come out the other side of this deep wound. I educate on the process of healing the mother wound, provide tools for the journey (including how to find a good therapist) and coaching on how to make new choices, and take new directions that most accurately reflect your authentic self. The focus on healing the mother wound is healing that focuses on YOU and your journey. (Your mother’s healing is her own journey and part of the healing is letting that be her responsibility, not yours.) The father wound is something that is not addressed specifically in my work on the mother wound. I hope this answers some of your specific questions!
      Here is where you can learn more about the online course: http://www.b-webster.com/online-course/ And here is the page about my private coaching: http://www.b-webster.com/private-coaching-with-bethany-webster/
      Thanks again for sharing! If you have further questions, you can email me at bethany@womboflight.com
      Love and Blessings to you! ~Bethany


  11. Hi Bethany, I’m kind of in shock that I came across your articles about the mother wound. I just recently discovered that I am severely codependent (searching for approval, people-pleasing, staying small to make others feel big, how nice of me). I had always associated alcoholism and drugs with codependancy, never realizing a person could be unhealthily addicted to other people. I started to become very depressed, isolated myself, stayed away from my husband ( I don’t really believe that I’m actually married, that’s how fake my life is) Also, at 38 years old realizing that I could never have a child because I don’t know who the hell I am and I would just pass my crazy inherited wounds onto some innocent child and I’d be sulking, rocking back and forth staring at a wall somewhere. I am just beginning the “rupture” process, but I’m terrified of blowing up the world and then saying What did I just do and for what?? That’s my fear. I look forward to reading all of your literature and educating myself so that I can be a real person before I die. Thank you.


  12. Hi Bethany! I am a steady reader of your blog and it has helped me so much, thank you!!!

    Have you ever written about working with the shadow self? In this process, I´ve found coming to terms with my shadow (and my mother´s shadow) has been an integral part of the experience. It´s been a terrifying thing to meet, however, the physical and emotional struggle (guilt, guilt, guilt!) of it has helped me to release more of the divine feminine that you talk about than I thought previously possible.

    I would be very curious to hear your thoughts on that area of the journey!


  13. Greetings Bethany, I am just joining your newsletter and look forward to reading your ebook….I was directed to your article by my priestess sister and apprentice Melody LeBaron, whom you must know somehow but I am not sure how, YET! Grateful to know about you and your work which resonates completely with mine!
    Anyaa McAndrew


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  15. I am so grateful to have found your blog. I was thinking as I read some of the posts that you are following the thread of Clarissa Pinkola-Estes and there she is as a inspiration. I need time to take it all in. So many great posts. I needed this today. Thank you for all this. And btw “Midwife of the Heart” – wow! What a beautiful, magical job that is !


  16. I have done a lot of deep inner work on my childhood and now find myself in a position to go and live with my mother for 5 months…intuitively I feel that this is where I will heal deep hard wired DNA cell memory…I hear her say and feel the same things I still do…healing genrationally is a tough gig!! What are your thoughts about doing the full circle to heal that initial separation wound?


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  18. Hi Bethany,
    Any rituals or recommendations for someone healing the wound as her mother is at the end of her life?
    Many Thanks,


  19. Thank you for posting these important messages Bethany. These are things that I allready know deep down inside, but have forgotten these. You make me remind of these things about self worth and setting boundaries, even if the people around me do not like this. Self doubt and pondering why people do not like me when there are things that I don’t want, is creating energy leaks. This creation I want to stop and start living instead of surviving. Bless you!


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