Move Beyond What Your Mother Never Gave You and

Become The Woman You’re Meant to Be


As daughters, the relationship with our mothers is one of the most significant in our lives, impacting everything from how we view our bodies to what we feel capable of creating in the world. Feeling anger and sadness towards our mothers when she did not meet our needs is natural, yet often stigmatized in our culture, preventing us from moving into our full power as women. Accepting our mother’s limitations frees us to claim our inner gifts, without guilt or shame.

What’s covered in this workshop:
  • What the mother wound is
  • How the mother wound manifests in our lives
  • The costs of not healing the mother wound
  • The benefits of healing the mother wound
  • A 7-step process on how to heal the mother wound
  • Group and individual exercises during the workshop
  • Tools and resources to use after the workshop

This event offers a sacred space for women to examine the mother wound and explore how it can be transformed from a source of pain into a source of wisdom.

NEW! The Online Course on Healing the Mother Wound is  now available! 

Private coaching is also available. Click here to learn more

******UPCOMING DATES******

April 16th, 2016: Shutesbury, MA
Speaker at Belly & Womb Conference

June 3,4,5: Warsaw, Poland
Learn More Here and on Facebook Event Page

June 10th, 11th, 12th: Arnhem, Netherlands
Learn More Here and on Facebook Event Page
For additional information, click here

September 17th: London, UK at Alternatives
Details coming soon

September 28th-October 1: Rome, Italy
Global WIN Conference
Women’s Preferred Leadership Forum 

******PAST WORKSHOPS******

January 30th and Sunday, January 31st, Boulder, Colorado
Hosted by The Woman’s Network

September 12, 13, 14th, 2015: Budapest, Hungary

September 26th, 2015: Berlin, Germany

May 30th & 31st 2015: Ljubljana, Slovenia 

May 23rd, 24th, 25th,  2015: Budapest, Hungary (see photo gallery)

September 28th, 2014: London, UK at Alternatives

October 4th, 2014: Nottingham, UK

October 5th, 2014: Frome, Somerset UK

October 13th & 14th 2014: Totnes, Devon UK

October 18, 2014: Athens, Greece

July 19th 2014: Huntington, NY (Long Island) USA

June 28th 2014: Shelburne Falls, MA, USA 

May 29th 2014: Glassboro, NJ, USA 

April 12th 2014: Shelburne Falls, MA, USA

February 15th 2014: Ca la Lluna, Camallera (Girona), Spain

February 16th 2014: Barcelona, Spain

February 22nd 2014: Bilbao, Spain

March 1st: 2014 Madrid, Spain

March 2nd 2014: Valladolid, Spain

©Image above by Mara Freidman


75 thoughts on “Workshops

    • Hi Kate,
      I’d be happy to share more details. I’m in the process of putting together a larger description of what the workshop entails which will be on the website in the near future. Overall, in the workshop, I lead the group through a process of identifying how the mother wound impacts your life and how to work with it so that it empowers you rather than limits you. I have developed a “roadmap” so to speak, with 7 steps on how to successfully navigate the healing process. I’m also developing an offering to work with women on this process one-on-one as well. Please stay tuned to learn more!


      • I’m curious to learn about your method of facilitating this, as I would love to be able to provide this to women in my community. I’m happy to journey with this personally and cultivate my own pathways to navigate women through this, but if you’ve already done it then I would love to support your work. Do you do teacher training per chance?


      • Hi Donna! Thanks so much for your interest and inquiry into my work! Right now I’m getting ready to offer a comprehensive home-study course on this topic of healing the mother wound. For now, this would be the best way to learn the method I’ve developed. If you’re interested in doing it, I would love to get your feedback on it. It should be up on my website in about a month or so. I hadn’t really considered doing teacher training yet but would love to do that in the future! Let’s stay in contact on this and see what develops! Thanks again, Donna! Love, Bethany


      • Ireland needs you too! I would be happy to come to Spain though if it were for a longer process than just the 4 hour workshop – it’s too far to travel for such a short time


      • Hi Deirdre, Would love to come to Ireland. Hopefully someday I will make it there to teach the workshop. In the meantime stay tuned for upcoming offerings on how to take the course and work with me on this important topic. Much love! Bethany


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  2. We’d love to see you in Australia too! Failing that, pleeeease create an affordable and accessible e-book and or e-course for us to be able to access this wisdom. We all need it but you may not be able to reach all of us in person xxx


      • This is wonderful news, thank you! 🙂 I have just now followed this site and am presuming you will announce the availability of the course here. But if you have an email distribution list that you will be announcing it to, I’d appreciate if you can please include me in the list As with anything and everything, this is so divinely timed. 🙂 Thanks and much blessings! Namaste…♥♥♥NadineMarie♥♥♥


      • A home-base study course would be excellent!! I’m seeing two very good therapists right now… all dealing with the “mother” issue. For 57 years I’ve struggled with the wreckage of my family and for the past 3 years have struggled to stay alive. I’m afraid I’ll die before I’m cured and the sadness of this weighs me down. Therapy is slow… but absolutely necessary. You’ve summed up everything I’ve lived through and continue to deal with. I’ll by your course in a heartbeat. And Thank You. Blessings.


      • Hi Debbie! Glad to hear you are in a good situation with your therapists. I honor your courage at continuing to do this important, inner work! I am very excited to offer the home-based study course! I hope to have it up in the next month or so for purchase here on my website. Happy to hear you are interested! I would love your feedback on it! Lots of love, Bethany


      • From Sydney here, just want to let you know Australia would LOVE you here 🙂 e-courses are a great idea too. So grateful for even your page about parentified children, I couldn’t thank you enough.


      • Dear Annie, thanks so much for your comment! I hope to get to Australia at some point! I’m so happy the parentified child article was helpful to you! Thank you for reading!! ❤


  3. Home-study sounds great,what about launching the course in the UK with a introductory workshop weekend! I would love to offer this wonderful work! Vivienne x


  4. Dear kate are you running any more in the uk? I organise events and theres always a possibility to set something up, I am based in central London. How many participants do you require? whats the price? blessings Siri Sadhana Kaur


  5. Dear Kate,

    You have no idea how badly I needed to read read your amazing article. Giving that the Egyptian culture is very very very close to the American one, so what you said applies to our culture too. I myself am struggling because of my relationship with Mommy. I’m 26 and I took so many decisions, or let’s call them wrong decisions for her sake to feel any better. I let go of my happiness and life for her to feel any happy.. but if these decisions did me anything, they left me miserable and a sad kind of person.. and now I read your article.. such an enlightenment. Thank you !!
    Don’t you think paying a visit to the middle east any time soon ?


    • Hi Alaa. Wow, so amazing to hear from you and how your experience in the Egyptian culture is similar to the American one. What you describe is very common. I’m so glad the article resonated for you. Would love to come to Egypt! Lots of love, Bethany


  6. Hello,
    I stumbled upon your website and am in love with you work! thank you !! i also work with women helping them to cultivate and have compassionate, loving, respectful relationships!
    i live in california, and would love to here more about your events that may come this way! and any teleseminars!


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  8. Looking forward to the home study course and please keep me posted on the teacher training. I’d love to offer this in my practice as a tool for healing. I love love your work ! Thank you.


  9. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for a very enlightening article, I feel Divine intervention has taken place here. I am most definetely in need of your home-based study course !
    Please, also let me know of any plans for future work-shops in Toronto, Canada.
    Thanks again.
    Love and Light,


  10. Wow, Bethany, this is such an inspiring article!! Thank you so much! I experienced exactly the same thing with my mother. And when I became a mother myself with 22, I worked really hard to learn that. It was hard work with my own shadows. It took me ten years… And now I have five wonderful children, three sons & two daughters and I learned so much being a mother. I’m so grateful for that… I’m very interested in your course, but I am from Switzerland and I would also love an online teacher training!!! Please keep me updated!
    Thank you again and
    Many Blessings,


  11. Hi
    I was just wondering if you will be doing any workshops in England. I live in Manchester and would really love to do this workshop. Or do you have an online version or Skype.

    Thank you



    • Hi Chereen! It looks like there is a possibility of me coming to the UK later in the year! And stay tuned for some new offerings to work with me via Skype that will be announced soon! Thanks for your interest and support! Hope to meet you in the UK! Love, Bethany


  12. Do you come to Vancouver BC canada? I need to do this after reading ur article a new awarness has been brought to my attention ..

    Thankyou so much


  13. Lots of love from India!
    You have so beautifully captured and sensitively explained this phenomena – I am so grateful to you and to my friend who shared your blog with me… look forward to your e-book/ e-course/ teleseminar/ webinar/ workshop…. something!

    warm hug!


  14. Hello Bethany, This article was forwarded to me by my mother and so perfectly describes this un-nameable struggle I have felt in my life. I am so touched by and appreciative for your compassionate articulation of this issue for both the mother and the daughter. It is healing and such a relief just reading it. Finally, it’s clear. Thank you for this work. I will watch for the home study course, and would also love to help you bring this to the San Francisco Bay Area. From the heart <3, Elizabeth


    • Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your comment! How wonderful that this article was forwarded to you by your mother. Glad to hear you are feeling clarity and relief. Would love to bring this work to the bay area! Thanks and love, Bethany


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    • Hi Maureen! Glad to hear you’re interested in the online version of the course! Are you on my mailing list? That is the fastest way to hear of when it will be available. Please stay tuned. Thank you!


      • Hi Ann, I am so excited to offer an online course, I’m working on creating it now. It’s going to be awesome! I agree, that so many women can benefit from this work! Stay tuned. Thanks for your feedback,I greatly appreciate it!


    • HI Jojo, Excited to hear you’re also interested in the online version of the course. Stay tuned to my newsletter and blog to hear when it will be available! THanks for your feedback and interest!


    • Hi Bethany, I’ve posted elsewhere too. I’m also in Australia. Can’t wait to see this online version/home study, anything! It’s empowering and just amazing and I finally can see the Light that I’ll be ok.


      • Hi Jenny! Great to “meet” you! Happy to hear that your liking what you’re seeing here. I’m excited to offer the home study and online course soon! Thanks for your comment! Lots of love! Bethany


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  17. Thank you Bethany for being such a generous guide/teacher. I am a member of a small ACA group in Texas, USA and was so pleased to share your work with others in our fellowship. Please know you have grateful seekers of your work here in Texas. Delighted and excited to know that you are creating a home-study course to further our Mother Wound/Inner Child healing/liberation! The timing is, well you know Perfect. How does that saying go? What you are seeking is seeking you! And here we all are!!!
    Peace & Blessings dear Bethany


  18. Bethany this sounds really deep and very valuable as I was reading this I wanted to explore how the mother wound is connected to our relationship with Mother Earth and how this kind of healing would extend to helping us become more in tune with the Rights of Mother Earth and our own.


  19. South Africa needs you too! I am in the process of organising a Women’s Travel Club and want to incorporate workshops into the travel schedule. Maybe you can think about visiting our beautiful country?


  20. Unless we are near a location then its a long way to travel in the uk for a one day event. I’m in Chichester so brighton, Southampton or Guildford would be do-able for me – if any of these work for you.
    have you thought about linking up with red tent groups in the uk – likely members would be interested in your work


  21. Hi Bethany! I’ve only just found your blog and am gutted to see that I’ve missed your workshop in London. Do you have any other plans for workshops near London in the near future? I’d happily travel a couple of hours… but Devon is just a little far! Thanks, Anna


  22. Hello Bethany,
    Thank you for your life, experience and give this wisdom to the world. wowww so excited i would like to know how can we bring you here in Hallandale Beach, Florida . We can organize and event of 100 to 150 women. We are desperate for this information, for this healing. We want to be the best mothers we can be. And what you teach is the first and must important step for our success and fulfilling our lives.

    Many more and more Blessings to you.

    I am looking forward to speak and brainstorm your visit to Florida.

    Kelly Davydov


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  24. Hi Bethany – any thoughts of bringing your workshop to canada? Your article on the mother wound had a profound effect on me and I would love to attend a workshop. I live in the toronto canada area – which is huge – and I’m sure you could conduct severallworkshops here and have them fill up!!


  25. You are doing great work, I’d love to have you come speak to social workers in Charlotte, NC, offering a workshop to practitioners. How can we make this happen for 2016?

    NASW, NC
    Charlotte Local Program Unit


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  27. Dear Bethany
    I have just been forwarded your website and, having just finished reading your beautifully articulated description of the mother wound, am now feeling an urgent need to attend one of your workshops. Please could you let me know when and where it will be?
    Warm wishes


  28. I am north of Los Angeles. Any chance of a workshop in the US? Ojai, California has a spiritual air to it, similar to Boulder. Central, too, out of the busyness of LA.


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