flower flame

 The Red Line

In my blood there is poetry

In my blood are ancient stories

You are there, too, my sister

The red line all the way back to the beginning

A red thread I hold onto for days every month

A red path that appears beneath my feet

A red echo I hear through my inner yearning

My punctuated flow is the steady tempo of a drumbeat

That life plays through me

The drumbeat that is played in the bodies of women

Across the planet

The drumbeat of all of us bleeding is the heartbeat of the earth

We are Gaia’s heart in perfect timing with the tides

That keep the earth turning

Woman, we must rise up

Removing the veil of shame

We are ancient

We who trace the red line

We who hold the red thread

We are She in whom courses the river of humanity

As sacred as the highest temple

The holiest of chalices

The spiraling path of birth and death

The womb is a cradle of both

We are a gate between worlds


Tidal Call

Drops of blood into water,

She watches the slow dark lines

Billow and squiggle as they fall.

Thin lines expand outward

In a slow, verticle drop

revealing striations and curves in the clear space

Gravity pulls down the ancient thread back towards

The earth’s molten core

like a nostalgic memory it wants to relive

An intensified longing for reunion

The moon’s call is so strong that it lifts the water

From the earth pulling waves toward it in space.

The waves respond, temporarily resisting gravity’s beckoning

And reach into the air to the silver orb.

The tension between the earth and moon moves the oceans in a silent harmonious chord.

The oceans and women’s bodies know the same tidal call,

Know the same tension that lifts and pulls,

That suspends and plummets

A timeless mystery that is present in all places when

Something stirs inside a quiet egg.


15 thoughts on “Poems

  1. The Red Line is such an uplifting poem. As a pregnant women, it highlights for me the divinity of birth, the sacredness of what I am about to enter into. Thank you!


    • /Users/jaimedrew/Desktop/DSCF5283.JPG

      I am an artist and made this piece before becoming pregnant soon after, it relates to the red line poem, our connection to the land and our bloodlines through the womb and our mothers..wanted to contribute the image to this page as it really resonates with the things i was thinking through while creating this work.


  2. What an elegance to your words, and imagery. Sheer female consciousness. Thank you so much for gracing us with your inner beauty. I have Tweeted and FB it.

    “Something stirs inside a quiet egg.” Ingenius!!


  3. Both these poems are exquisite bethany, we have just started a new round of Moonlodge in Sheffield England, with the archetype of Bloodflower.. We have our discussion meeting Monday based on the ceremony we did together, and I would like to use these poems, amongst a couple of others to dive deeper with our group, if that is ok with you. You might also ember that I enquires as to whether you might be will ing to come to Sheffield on any uk tour you might be doing this year? We have just opened our first Goddess temple in the city and I am sure we could host a lovely group of women to explore the mother wound with here. We will be working with the archetype of mother in June/July but that might be too early for you, it doesn’t have to be in synch with our work anyway. I’m on aliharrison@blueyonder.co.uk. Thanks for being such a wordsmith. X

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